Scotty Nut Nut and Gabby Nut Nut

Individually, they are just Nut Nuts, but combined, they have lots of skills to entertain - especially entertaining kids and adults!

Balloon Twisting

Both Gabby Nut Nut and Scotty Nut Nut have been balloon twisting since September 2013, over one and a half years. Balloon twisting is super fun and you can check out our balloons and picture galleries. We also do balloon twisting instruction.

Acrobatics - Acro Yoga

Gabby Nut Nut started out dancing at the age of 3 and did performances and ballet competitions until 15. Then she started competitive cheerleading in high school and came in 2nd in Nationals which was held in Disney World! When Gabby Nut Nut met Scotty Nut Nut, they started practicing AcroYoga together in March 2012 and as of July 2014, they are certified Level 2 AcroYoga Montreal Style teachers and perform shows and include acro-juggling as part of their entertainment!


Scotty Nut Nut has been juggling since 1987, over 26 years. His favorite is 3 ball speed tricks but also does 4 and 5 ball tricks as well as clubs, swords, plate spinning and some poi, contact juggling, flower sticks and cigar boxes. He is a juggling instructor and has taught hundreds of people.

Gabby Nut Nut does scarf juggling, she likes them, they are pretty scarves.

Young Kids

Gabby Nut Nut has been a pre-school teacher for special needs kids since 2004, over 11 years. Scotty Nut Nut calls her the "kid whisperer", she knows kids! For parties for very young kids from 1 to 5, we bring extra entertainment props - pre-school style!

Older Kids

For older kids, we do an exciting show including balloon twisting, juggling and acrobatics. We include interactive juggling, plate spinning and balance boarding.

Special Needs Kids

We love entertaining special needs kids! Gabby Nut Nut has extensive training to work with special needs children and we combine our entertainment skills to make it the best experience possible :) We have performed special needs graduation ceremonies to baseball league picnics.


Depending on the event, we include educational entertainment for adults. We do interactive balloon twisting, plate spinning as well as interactive acro. Most people don't realize the complexities that juggling, acrobatics and balloon twisting entails other than, "it's crazy juggling, acrobatic and balloon twisting stuff". We like to shed the light on how everything works and afterwards you'll say, "Wow, I had no idea there is so much to it, I want to learn too!!!".

Special Needs Adults

We love entertaining special needs adults too. We have done various shows for adults in disability programs. Let us know what the range of disabilities are and we can prepare a customized show for your program.